You, me, the World is a platform for charity work and was created by Anna Liljestrand, a 29 year old Finnish woman. Anna lived in Portugal in 2018 and during this time she started volunteering with abandoned dogs. The need to help abandoned and mistreated dogs was obvious and You, me, the World was born out of a desire to help as many as possible to get a new home.

As time went by Anna felt the need to expand You, me, the World and create a platform where people can share their experiences to inspire someone else and spread knowledge.

Anna moved back to Finland at the end of 2018 and at the same time started the program “Bring Them Home”, where abandoned dogs from Portugal gets rehomed to Finland and Sweden. This way she can continue helping the Portuguese dogs even if she is not on site. This work is possible thanks to amazing people helping out, both financially and on site taking care of practicalities when a dog needs to get ready for travel.

With this website Anna hopes to create a network of helping hands.

Bring Them Home

‘Bring Them Home’ is a rehoming project where we place abandoned dogs from Canil Municipal de Lagos in Lagos, Portugal to foster homes in Sweden and Finland. From there we try to find permanent homes for the dogs.

Charity Experiences

Have you been volunteering somewhere and would like to share your experience with others? Please send your experience along with some pictures (if you have any) in a message HERE.

Please include

  • Name of charity
  • Location of charity
  • What were your tasks as a volunteer
  • Your experience in your own words
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